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Who Is Mortilaine?

Pastor by calling; Instructional Designer by profession; Entrepreneur by passion


Pastor Mortilaine (“Morty”) is the proud daughter of Bishop Dr. Solomon Riley and Missionary Audrey Riley, who have both served in ministry for over 30 years. Along with her older brother, Mortilaine grew up in a household that was deeply rooted in the Word of God and the teachings of Salvation. Because of this, she was inspired to accept salvation at the tender age of 6, and got baptized at age 8. At the time, she faced skepticism from individuals who felt that she was too young to make such a serious commitment. Mortilaine readily admits that the earlier part of her Christian journey was centered mostly on church attendance, curiosity and youthful idealism. However, as she grew older, she developed a burning desire to really know and experience God for herself. Through prayer, meditation and studying of the Word of God, she was able to experience the Holy Spirit in a deeper way. It was during this quest, which she dubs her “Journey to the Heart of God”, that her gift for preaching, teaching and leadership were unveiled.

Early Years

At age 15, Mortilaine began preaching, and she was used to do so in both her church and school communities. At church, she was instrumental in driving the youth ministry, as well as, mentorship and outreach programs. She later created history by becoming the youngest officer to ever be formally appointed. There, she was asked to serve as the Executive Secretary on the Church Board. At school, her convictions, integrity and love for Christ led to her being elected as the President of the Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) at Jonathan Grant High School. She later went on to serve as the Vice-President of ISCF when she enrolled at St. Jago High to complete pre-university studies.


After completing high school, Mortilaine attended The University of the West Indies, where she attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communication–with 1st class honours. She later attended Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM), and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Management (MBM)–with distinction. She received a Post-Graduate Award from the institutionin recognition of this academic achievement. Mortilaine has an additional Master’s in Theological Studies. She is also a trained and certified Professional Life Coach.


Mortilaine is a gifted Woman of God who has been anointed and appointed to empower, encourage and educate through preaching, teaching and lifestyle. She has a sincere passion to see God’s people WIN in the areas of spiritual maturity, purpose and holistic wealth. She currently serves as the Overseeing Pastor for the Spirit of Truth Ministries, Kingston Jamaica.

Mortilaine Riley


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