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Purity Academy

Enroll to be empowered, encouraged

and equipped in your fight for purity!

For women only!

Spiritual Detox Bootcamp

Join this intensive program to boost your spiritual journey. Detox mind, body and soul. For men and women!

Life Empowerment Coaching

Invest with a committed coach who will

work diligently to help you WIN in life!

For men and women!



Let’s Help With Your Purity Journey.

Many Christian women struggle with honouring purity. Some have struggled in silence for years, feeling defeated by condemnation, shame and fear. Purity Academy is an extension of Mortilaine Riley Ministries. This platform provides transparent and transformative coaching for women and girls who want to cultivate a lifestyle of purity, thus deepening their relationship with God. Get the right tools and knowledge needed to break strongholds and achieve a clearer mindset towards your life and purpose. Enroll with the simple message “I NEED HELP”.

For Women Only!

Enroll to receive the tools, knowledge and coaching needed to WIN in Purity.

Spiritual Detox


Reset … Revive … Refresh

Are you experiencing spiritual inconsistency and burnout? Do you need an opportunity to detox and revitalize your mind, body and soul? 

Join this 10-day intensive program to kickstart your journey! The Spiritual Detox Bootcamp is a powerful way to reset your focus towards God, revive your gifting and refresh your soul. You deserve to be at your best holistically. Register to stay connected and receive updates about the next Bootcamp.

For Men & Women!

Register for this intensive program to detox your mind, body and soul.



Let’s Help To Uncover Purpose and Meet Goals!

Mortilaine enjoys coaching in the areas of empowerment and holistic success. She has developed a unique coaching program that is designed to challenge negative beliefs, mental blocks and limiting ideologies that might be holding individuals back from fulfilling their purpose. This powerful coaching program helps to unpack emotional baggage, address soul wounds and reframe self-perception. Additionally, the program offers accountability for setting and achieving life’s goals. Book now if you want to see powerful results in your life.

For Men & Women!

Need a single one-off Empowerment Session?

No problem! Book a paid VIP coaching call.



“My experience with Mortilaine was exceptional. She didn’t just go for a quick fix and say ‘empowering’ words to tackle the symptoms. Instead, she helped me to identify the root causes THEN prescribed sustainable life tools to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Her services are top tier and her countenance creates an environment which feels safe to be open.”

Shanese Johnson

Empowerment Coaching

Pastor Riley is truly dedicated to preaching and teaching the word of God. She goes the extra mile to ensure her audience understands the topics being taught. While her confident preaching delivery is to be admired; I strong believe that it is God who has anointed and appointed her to create impact in this way. It has been a great joy for me to work with this beautiful Woman of God.

Pastor Keisha Morgan


Pastor Morty teaches in a methodical yet simple way, always including practical tips which, I have found extremely helpful in tying the temporal and spiritual aspects of my life together. Through her sermons and our one-on-one sessions, I have learned how to handle money better, how to manage anxiety and how to pray. Pastor Morty has helped me to unlock so much about myself, I have been truly blessed through her services.

Brittney Chin

Empowerment Coaching

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